Scarecrow Competition

Can you make the best scarecrow in the village? The suggested theme this year is the Carnival theme, "Children's Stories", but feel free to impress us with any scarecrow design!

How to make your Scarecrow
Scarecrows, originally used by farmers to keep birds away from important crops are not expensive to make and you can have fun by easily making one with everyday items found lying about the house. They can be as silly or crazy as you like.

You will need – old long sleeved shirt, old jeans or trousers, tights, shredded paper or hay for stuffing, scraps of fabric, a hat, glue, string, old rope.
Head : tie a knot at the top of the legs of the nylons or tights and fill them with stuffing to the waist, leaving the legs empty. Close the waist by sewing or tying together forming a ball for the head.
Body : Button up the longsleeved shirt, and starting with the arms fill with stuffing. Tie some string around the wrists to give the effect of hands. Fill the shirt as full as possible but allow some space to get down the front and back of the shirt when assembling the scarecrow.
Legs : fill the trousers or jeans with stuffing and tie string around the ankles to get the effect of feet. Leave the pants open at the top.
To assemble scarecrow : take the empty legs of the “head” and attach to the shirt by threading them down the neck of the shirt at the front and the back. Tug firmly to make the head stable. Add the legs to the body by attaching the nylons just pulled through the shirt to the belt loops in the front and back of the trousers.
You are now ready to glue the facial features onto your scarecrow made from scraps of material , large buttons or anything else you think of, attach his hair, wool, rope, material strips, string – put a hat on him/her and position where you like.

The only thing left to do is give your Scarecrow a Name!